Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Kai S

Our great Dane had two knee replacements at this hospital. Excellent care and he recovered very well with all mobility until he got osteosarcoma and one of his front legs.
This is one of the few veterinary hospitals that have the proper equipment for giant breeds.

Jennifer K

Humans should get this great care! Dr Rich Burgess has now twice been our hero & angel. He has performed 2 emergency surgeries on our dog Barnabus in the past 6 months. He is THE most caring & compassionate vet we know & we have been to plenty. While being a brilliant surgeon, he also can relate the medical jargon into my terms while patiently & kindly answering our every question. Dr Burgess gave us personal daily updates during the week & kept in contact with us during the big Jonas snow weekend while he was off duty!!!!! He knows the pet owner is experiencing a lot of emotions & takes the time to explain everything from diagnosis to treatment. The surgery staff was great-they updated us everyday & didn’t mind when we called them at all hours to check on our Barnabus. They were able to tell us when he urinated & even how much he ate when they hand fed him. A special thanks to Alicia for being his buddy. We know our loved one is in the BEST hands when they are with Dr Burgess. Dr Burgess treated us like family & we are grateful that we have a surgeon with his expertise & professional experience in our area.

Jeremy K.

We took our Sheltie to them because he had this horrible cyst that seemed to grow overnight and was impeding his walking. Dr Roa was absolutely wonderful. Turns out he had so many other things going on, and surgery would have been more complex than we thought our boy could stand. Even though he didn’t make it, Dr Roa and his staff handled the cremation, made a paw print for us to remember him by, and even made a donation on his behalf. I was so impressed by how they handled things, I surely wish they would be a regular vet that I could take my future pets too. When your animal is sick, it’s never cheap, but I felt like he was in good hands, and handled with dignity, caring and respect. I would not hesitate to bring in any future pets to them.
Thanks so much! Turbo’s family