Client Reviews

Client Reviews


Juliet Taylor

I owe my dog’s life to this compassionate, brilliant and caring team of professionals. From the minute we came in with a life-threatening emergency to the scary complications my dog developed as a result, the team here was committed to making him healthy again, on top of every medical development, straightforward in communicating with me about his condition and treated my dog (and me) like he was their only patient. They handled every setback and cheered every positive development. While his eventual diagnosis of cancer was distressing to me, he is doing well thanks to the early intervention and critical care that this team provided. Thanks to Dr. Evans, ICU tech Megan and others, I am enjoying every cherished extra moment that we have together – time that we would not have had without their knowledge and care. They gave me more happy days with my best friend I am so very grateful. Cannot recommend this group highly enough – they are wonderful.


Scott S. and Julie R.

I’m writing to let you know about the wonderful care and customer service we received at your Towson office over the past few two months. Dr. Brendan Anders operated on our lab Piper to remove two digits due to a mast cell carcinoma.
Through two procedures, numerous bandage changes, and phone consultation, Dr. Anders was highly professional, detail-oriented, kind, and attentive. His follow-through with the pathology lab and with our out-of-town vet (we left on vacation after Dr. Anders gave us the green light) was exceptional as was his direct communication with us. Katie R. was especially kind and caring in her interactions with us (and Piper). She was an excellent all-around representative of your healthcare facility.
Piper seems to be back on her feet – figuratively and literally – and we remain hopeful for a good, long-term outcome. Thank you for your staff’s excellent care and customer service. We are very appreciative.

Danielle C.

Bubba just went through his second TPLO surgery. He completely tore his left and, 4 months later, had a partial tear on his right. I cannot recommend this facility enough. Dr. Burgess and his team were amazing with Bubba, who is a gigantic baby. If you’re like me and stress over quality care for your furbaby, this is the place to be. I only wish they had primary care!

Max D.

I highly recommend Chesapeake. Our dog , Mox, had ACL surgery recently and it went flawlessly. I was extremely impressed with Dr Roa and the entire staff.

Sadly Mox recently developed an incurable life threatening illness and crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday. The staff, a special thanks to Cheryl, was once again professional and compassionate in helping Mox complete his trip to heaven.

Thank you and God bless all of you.

Jake T.

My pug needed surgery.
These people were straight up with us, the staff was super nice and knowledgeable. They fixed my puppy’s leg and now he is living an awesome and fulfilled life.

Mindy M.

We were referred here by our vet, Dr T at Light Street Animal Hospital after it was confirmed our boxer had torn her ACLs. She was only a year old at the time and while ACL surgery for a  large dog is $$$, we didn’t want her to limp or be in pain her whole life. Dr. Joseph Prostredny was a calming, authoritative force in a very scary, sad time for us. He helped us weigh the pros and cons of surgery so we could decide what was right for our family. He is a very calm, holistic doctor, with a slight hint of hippy in him! We decided to go with the TPLO surgery (both knees, one at a time).

I was worried about the anesthesia (boxers are very sensitive to certain types of anesthesia), the recovery, pain, all of it. He listened to my worries and answered each question fully; I never felt rushed. He showed us her xrays and explained in great detail our options and how each surgery option would be performed as well as the expected outcomes of each. After her surgery he called us right away to let us know how it went and how she was doing.

Recovery from TPLO surgery was a long and arduous 16 weeks but our puppy (now 5yrs) is a running fool! Each time we see her happily bounding away, we smile and think of how Dr. Prostredny helped it all be so.

I can’t say enough about Dr Prostredny and how he was so caring with our dog and how he was always available to answer questions, before, during, and after the surgeries.

Michael L

My dog had a partially torn CCL. I met with Dr. Anders at the Towson location. He is the utmost professional and was great at proving his experience and giving me options in a way I can understand. So far, during the recovery, my dog has been doing well, the instructions are clear and the one time I had a question, he was able to call me back with great advice within 24 hours. Dog surgery is expensive, but Dr. Anders is worth it knowing that my dog will have a full active life.

Barbara M

I have a 7 yr old ShiPoo that was being treated for “her elbow slipping out of place”. This went on for 7 mos, 6 visits to 3 different Vets and hundreds of dollars. Finally after requesting an xray I was referred to Chesapeake Vet hospital where they determined she had a “Torn Ligament” & needed surgery!! Dr. J took wonderful care of my little girl and she is now on the road to recovery. I am so thankful I was referred to them and Dr. J.

Kai S

Our great Dane had two knee replacements at this hospital. Excellent care and he recovered very well with all mobility until he got osteosarcoma and one of his front legs.
This is one of the few veterinary hospitals that have the proper equipment for giant breeds.

Jennifer K

Humans should get this great care! Dr Rich Burgess has now twice been our hero & angel. He has performed 2 emergency surgeries on our dog Barnabus in the past 6 months. He is THE most caring & compassionate vet we know & we have been to plenty. While being a brilliant surgeon, he also can relate the medical jargon into my terms while patiently & kindly answering our every question. Dr Burgess gave us personal daily updates during the week & kept in contact with us during the big Jonas snow weekend while he was off duty!!!!! He knows the pet owner is experiencing a lot of emotions & takes the time to explain everything from diagnosis to treatment. The surgery staff was great-they updated us everyday & didn’t mind when we called them at all hours to check on our Barnabus. They were able to tell us when he urinated & even how much he ate when they hand fed him. A special thanks to Alicia for being his buddy. We know our loved one is in the BEST hands when they are with Dr Burgess. Dr Burgess treated us like family & we are grateful that we have a surgeon with his expertise & professional experience in our area.

Jeremy K.

We took our Sheltie to them because he had this horrible cyst that seemed to grow overnight and was impeding his walking. Dr Roa was absolutely wonderful. Turns out he had so many other things going on, and surgery would have been more complex than we thought our boy could stand. Even though he didn’t make it, Dr Roa and his staff handled the cremation, made a paw print for us to remember him by, and even made a donation on his behalf. I was so impressed by how they handled things, I surely wish they would be a regular vet that I could take my future pets too. When your animal is sick, it’s never cheap, but I felt like he was in good hands, and handled with dignity, caring and respect. I would not hesitate to bring in any future pets to them.
Thanks so much! Turbo’s family.

Nancy K.

By some rare twisted fate of events three years later, my dog’s knee plate got infected…
But, just like last time, Dr. Prostredny worked his magic and fixed her up.  Just like last time, he tried to contact me on every phone number that I listed to update me immediately after surgery.  And, just like last time, the staff was amazing.  To top it all off, the cost was absolutely reasonable!!
I love that this place exists.  If I lived closer, I would want to work at CVRC because it seems like they have it all together here!  My akita is up and running and playing without any more knee issues and I couldn’t be happier for her state of health.  I highly recommend this place!

Beverly S.

CVSS saved my dog’s life. He was admitted to Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Clinic (AAVEC – see my review for them–very excellent care) on a Saturday afternoon for a major fever/infection. Dr. Minihan consulted with the AAVEC doctors on Sunday and my dog was officially transferred from emergency to the CVSS side of the clinic on Monday morning. I was lucky enough to get Dr. Minihan. My dog’s infection was in an extremely rare place (my vet told me he has only heard of an occurrence of an infection like that once). Dr. Minihan was able to figure out what was happening. She went above and beyond in every area. She called to give me updates, spoke on the phone extensively with my dog’s regular vet a number of times, drove lab work for delivery herself so she could be sure she would have the results by the next morning, and came in on the first day of her vacation (same day my dog was being discharged) to check on him one more time. I know the other surgeons there stayed involved as well. I feel Dr. Minihan’s diagnostic abilities are a rare find, and I’m so glad my dog lucked into being in her care. She’s both brilliant and caring–the best combination. In addition to the doctors, the tech staff and front desk staff were amazing. They functioned on the same precision level of an intensive care unit in a hospital–actually, they could teach many hospital units a thing or two. I was able to observe them as they allow visitation. Each tech treated all animals with love and kindness. They knew every patient’s condition and took their job seriously at all times. I truly believe my dog is alive today because of the initial efforts on the emergency side and Dr. Minihan’s expert care, along with the support of an amazing staff. I can’t thank them enough.


Marie G.

This is a very professional, ethical, and caring practice. The office staff, the technicians, and doctors are all compassionate and patience. Everyone takes all the time needed to answer all those seemly frightening questions when your pet needs surgery. One day I voluntarily sat in their waiting room for two hours. I was amazed how they treated each person as if their question was unique even though they had just been asked by someone else. They tailored the answer so it could be heard given the stress level of the individual. It was very impressive. This practice goes above and beyond the guidelines dictated by the AMVA and the requirements of the Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. In addition, I took my dog for a several second opinions. I found that Dr. Burgress is respected by his peers. One Surgeon told me Dr. Burgress was better qualified to do the needed surgery for my dog. I highly recommend this practice.